• Sophisticated Elegance

    Crafted for those who crave the culture and allure of the past, our traditional cabinet lines offer a vast selection of door designs and styles, that combined with numerous exquisitely applied finishing techniques, provide the means to re-create the ultimate classic kitchen interior.

    Whether in a wood finish, from Mahogany to Walnut, or in a painted Glaze, our attention to detail recreating traditional designs and our dedication to reproducing the finest qualities of past generations, are the ingredients that will guarantee a final product true to the original period from which it was inspired.

    In addition to the flexibility available within our standard product line, our manufacturing facility is capable of delivering the customization necessary to satisfy the most challenging designs, allowing designers to express themselves in creating timeless spaces.

  • Refined comfort

    Blending, in a skillful manipulation of form and proportion, classically inspired architectural elements with the clean lines of more contemporary designs, results in a comfortably tailored and uncluttered style that is commonly referred to as Transitional.

    With the simple application of traditional finishes on a contemporary door style, or the use of a more uncluttered design with one of our many traditional doors, it is possible to create relaxed, yet sophisticated kitchen environments that provide the perfect gathering place for the home.

    In a well orchestrated ensemble of old and new, timeless design schemes and practical day-to-day conveniences are skillfully combined in well appointed rooms, resulting in a successful blend of styles that re-defines comfort and luxury.

  • New Trends

    In the constant process of updating our product lines to the market demands, we continually search the world for new products and materials. It is this expertise and know how in the most recently developed surface material or the most technologically advanced cabinet hardware, that inspires our designer in the creation of the kitchens of the future.

    Electronically operated drawer systems that allows the automatic opening and closing of the drawer at the touch of a finger, power-balanced mechanisms that effortlessly swing, slide or lift oversized cabinet fronts, man-made veneers that reproduce flawlessly nature, and low profile illumination assemblies that revolutionize the use of light sources in a room are some of the features that make some of our most recent kitchen designs leaders in the industry.

    Our company objective is to supply the ingredients and the know how, and let the creative mind produce the kitchens of tomorrow.

  • Outside the kitchen

    The high quality standard and superb finishes available in our kitchen cabinetry can easily find their way in more formal or private areas of a house. Cabinet designs that specifically meet the needs and requirements of these rooms are part of our extensive product line selection.

    Elegantly appointed bedroom wardrobes, highly accessorized walk-in closets and finely dressed bathroom vanities are just some of the applications for which our specialty product lines are designed. Every cabinet part and component not only is made with the best possible quality, but also provides some of the most technologically advanced and design innovative features.

    Downsview's custom manufacturing capability allows most house furnishing requirements to be easily fulfilled. This custom capability offers our customers the choice to enjoy in every room of the house the quality and service that our product provides, and ultimately increases the living comfort of their homes.

  • Accessories and equipment

    Downsview offers an extensive and complete range of cabinet accessories designed to increase storage space and provide the ergonomics and functionality required in the modern kitchen. The all-metal components that equip our cabinets are made of high grade steel, meticulously coated in durable and easy to clean electroplated finishes that create a uniquely high-quality look and feel.

    Every Downsview design is the result of years of devotion to creating not only beautiful and exciting looking spaces, but also functional, practical kitchens. Whether it is a slick tambour unit for storing your small appliances, a revolutionary lifting mechanism for opening a wall cabinet or a special pendaflex drawer frame to keep your home files organized, our unique storage solutions and space saving equipment offer convenient tools for planning the ideal kitchen environment. It's all part of the Downsview commitment to designing customized spaces that are just as exceptional to work in as they are to look at.

  • Cabinet interior selections

    Any door style selection available in the Downsview cabinet line is offered with a choice of distinctive cabinet interiors, all featuring the high quality standards and traditional craftsmanship of the Downsview line. The same top of the line hardware, selected from some of the world's leading manufacturers, is used in the cabinet construction of all boxes 400, 500s, 600, 700s and 800, making the Downsview product the best and most versatile in its' class.

    Solid, all metal, snap-on, spring-loaded hinges open the doors to any angle up to 110°. The integrated decelerating closing action of the 'SILENTIA' hinge by SALICE provides a smooth and soft closing of the door in the last part of travel. An easy to use device allows the doors to be adjusted in any direction.

    All base and tall units stand on four or more metal legs, individually adjustable to level uneven floors.