• About Downsview Kitchens

    Since 1967, at DOWNSVIEW KITCHENS we have been producing the finest kitchen furnishings on the market. Through the years we have assembled a remarkable team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, finishers and artisans who together have made the company one of the industry's leading manufacturers.

    Downsview's hundreds of possible color and finish combinations can be used to create truly unique designs. Each kitchen program is the result of years of experience and product research combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to develop the most functional and stylish kitchens available.


  • Biographic Notes

    Despite having achieved international recognition, from its inception DOWNSVIEW has always maintained strong ties to its artisan beginning and family character. When migrating to North America in 1967, the company founder brought with him the skill of generations of Italian cabinetmakers and has never lost the old country love for quality craftsmanship.

    Family has always been an important part of the company's growth and success. Family members, long-time dedicated employees and associates have played an important role in the company's achievements, while a new generation of individuals has gradually integrated into the company framework.


  • Caring for the Environment

    For many years Downsview Kitchens has strived to run an environmentally conscious business by maintaining the right balance between the highest quality product and minimizing any negative impact to the environment during the manufacturing process.

    Our facilities are outfitted with the best equipment and latest technologies to create the cleanest and most beneficial working environment for our employees, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.