Biographic Notes

Despite having achieved international recognition, from its inception DOWNSVIEW has always maintained strong ties to its artisan beginning and family character. When migrating to North America in 1967, the company founder brought with him the skill of generations of Italian cabinetmakers and has never lost the old country love for quality craftsmanship.

Family has always been an important part of the company's growth and success. Family members, long-time dedicated employees and associates have played an important role in the company's achievements, while a new generation of individuals has gradually integrated into the company framework.

Over the years, Downsview has continually evolved and adapted to the requirements of a sophisticated and highly demanding audience, interpreting and anticipating the new trends of today's ever changing lifestyles. As a result of the company's commitment to its roots and the ability to constantly modernize production methods, the Downsview name has become synonymous with luxury and excellence in product quality and service.

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